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Alexa Echo (4th gen) Review

It’s 2022 and the time has come that people have started getting smarter, the need of home automation and voice controlled devices have increased. Amazon Alexa’s popularity does signify the emergence of IoT in society.

Amazon Alexa Echo (4th gen)

Amazon Alexa, as we all know, is a voice controlled device that provides voice response to various commands and it can also control smart devices by voice commands. Amazon has various alexa devices, Echo being a mid-range device considered from cost point of view. Amazon Alexa Echo is currently priced at ₹ 7,500 on amazon. Let’s explore it’s various features and capabilities and also know the pros and cons.


Amazon Alexa Echo (4th gen)

The Amazon Alexa Echo 4th gen has many features that set it apart from the existing 3rd generation Echo device, the best part is it’s improved sound quality. The bass is higher and it performs well on high frequency audio as well, since it has a 3 inch Woofer and dual front firing 0.8 inch tweeters, it is capable to handle wide spectrum of frequency. Loudness of the device is decent enough for a standard room.

Alexa Echo’s Woofer and Tweeter arrangement

Music streaming is very easy with Alexa, you just need to wake it up with the wake word of your choice and ask it to play song of your choice. It supports various apps like Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, JioSaavn, Gaana, or Apple Music, with the support of dolby audio you will enjoy the music better than a bluetooth speaker.

We can control the home devices like smart bulb, smart AC, smart plug connected devices from Alexa, that will required a simple setup of the smart device on smart phone, then we can control the device through Alexa by voice commands.

Home Automation example using Alexa Echo



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Amazon Alexa Echo 4th generation is an ideal home automation device at 7,500.

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