Future of IoT in India

IoT stands for Internet of Things which is a concept of connecting various devices among themselves or to the user or both. This is done in order to increase the connectivity and make smart systems

The Internet of Things is already a popular word now, which has created a market in the present Industrial Scenario. IoT is a technology which involves connected devices which are communicating with each other for multiple purposes such as collecting data, controlling other connected devices etc.

Based on various estimates, IoT is believed to become a big economy in itself, within next five years. The Internet of things thus, is going to create a new demand in the present market scenario. There are going to be multiple new jobs required to fulfill the requirements of these demands. Thus the future of IoT in India is huge, specially for the youth looking to make a career in electronics and also in software.

Key focus technology area related to IoT

Software will be the basic requirement of any IoT systems. Software will be required to make the user interface, the servers, and even the firmware of multiple chips used to make IoT functional.

Most important programming language for IoT would be Python, because Python finds it’s application in Raspberry Pi, which is the favorite development board used by IoT enthusiasts, even for production projects. Apart from that, Python also is the basic requirement for Machine Learning and Analytics, which is directly used by IoT to make interpretations from the data collected from connected devices.

Apart from that, languages like Java, Javascript, will also continue to be popular considering the large scale demand of customized IoT platforms, multiple platform development software like thingworkx, IBM Watson IoT Platform, AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Central, Predix etc will become increasingly popular among various businesses using IoT directly to control their production environment. In Industry IoT finds a newer name, called IIOT which is Industrial Internet of Things.

Also, on the Infrastructure side, the demand will be moving towards cloud environments, considering the cost benefits achieved from serverless computing, containers, and scalability of Cloud computing environments, the future will be huge for the cloud infrastructure providers like AWS, Azure, GCP etc. This will in-turn also require engineers with skills in cloud automation technologies like Boto, Ansible, Terraform etc.

Last but not the least, Security will be the one which will find it’s most busy days when IoT will be in the market for real. IoT is a technology which makes life easier because all of our devices are interconnected and most of our daily life work will become automated, but what if there is some un-invited guest controlling your washing machine remotely, or more dangerously, your security camera? That is where Security finds it’s golden chair, also the newer developers will be expected to have more knowledge on security standards like OWASP, but the more dedicated work like identifying zero day vulnerability and making system robust, will require experienced security experts.

On the other hand, in Electronics domain, demand will be seen increasing for telecom engineers, considering the 5G technology which is the backbone of IoT. More experts will be required who can address issues related to telecom, and also if we talk about metering devices then demand will be there for more and more sensors to collect data. Thus, instrumentation engineering experts will find great job opportunities.

Application areas for Internet of Things

Internet of Things will be required in mainly below domains:

Smart Cities – Modern cities will be smart cities. This will have multiple measurement systems, automated traffic controls, smart grid, and much more.

Agriculture – The agriculture industry has a big share in Indian economy. This sector has much more potential if we implement technology in it. The yield can be increased, with better quality by using scientific analysis and implementing these using Internet of Things. Basic use case could be automated irrigation system, soil moisture control systems etc

IIoT or Industrial Internet of Things is another domain where IoT finds intensive application to automate Industrial processes by using Internet as a medium. Industries currently use SCADA technology for the workflow automation, however now companies have started to automate the same over internet by using the principles of IoT.

Home Automation is a concept which is becoming popular in smart cities, through home automation the owner can automate the various daily life activities like door open/close, monitoring, electricity usage, AC control, etc.


Internet of things is a very vast field where n number of technologies combine to achieve something which has never been seen before. In near future not only we will be able to control out surroundings just through click of a button on our smart phone but also would be able to do critical tasks like health monitoring, security but also we will see that machines will interact with each other by M2M communication.

The various technologies will open requirements for plethora of skill demands. From Backend developers, UI developers, Network engineers, Cloud engineers, Security experts to even technicians everyone will benefit. The demand for electrical and electronics engineers will also see a boom due to intensive use of these fields into IoT.

So, keep following easy IoT guide for overall view of the whole IoT ecosystem, news updates and much more to benefit from this great new domain called Internet of Things.

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